Bob Bare hugs his Mom.

Rob Bare hugs his Mom.

Rob Bare has dedicated his life to serving his country and the law.

From time spent upholding the Uniform Code of Military Justice as a young Army lawyer to today, Judge Bare’s remarkable career has been spent upholding the highest standards of the legal profession.

Judge Bare insists that the attorneys who practice before him in Department 32 come to court prepared and that all parties get treated with respect.

He learned discipline, fairness, and love of country from his father, who spent his career in the Army and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

After graduating from law school in Pennsylvania, Judge Bare followed his father into the service. He spent four years as a trial attorney, earning the rank of Captain, in the military court system (U.S. Army JAG Corps) before earning an honorable discharge.

He then moved to Southern Nevada and, as the chief prosecutor for the State Bar of Nevada, worked to ensure other attorneys fulfilled their oath to “bear true faith” to the courts and their clients.

In 2007, Judge Bare was unanimously appointed to a seat on Las Vegas Municipal Court by Mayor Oscar Goodman and the Las Vegas City Council and in 2010, ran for his seat on District Court, winning his election by 10 percentage points.