Our system of justice is built on judges and attorneys upholding the highest ethical standards. When litigants leave the courthouse, they must believe that their case was fairly heard and adjudicated. A loss of faith in our court system would erode faith in our law and with it, faith in our government.

My father spent his life defending our freedom during a career in the Army. He would tell us that his long absences from the family were a small price to pay to live in a free country.

That spirit of sacrifice for the greater good has inspired me my whole life. I proudly followed my father into military service and as an attorney, worked with the Bar Association to make sure others in the legal community lived up to our special obligation to the law.

I know how proud my father would have been had he lived to see me take the oath of office as a district judge. He would have told me that far from being a capstone to my career, it was just the beginning. It was time to use my experience and knowledge to strengthen the bond between the people and the law.

Notes from Jurors